Chiufang Judy L.

Country: United States

Chiufang Judy L.

I started to work as Mandarin interpreter since Oct. 2002 as certified Mandarin interpreter in immigration, legal, healthcare. I have US government DHS (Department of Justice) and USCIS (immigration) and healthcare background clearance. I also have passed ALTA language certification test. I have Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration, Department of Law, National Taiwan University. I took some graduate courses in Public Administration, MIS, Statistics and Computer science in Eastern Michigan U and Michigan State U. USA.
I also did some conference simultaneous interpretation occasionally. Work areas cover mostly in immigration, healthcare, legal, financial, medical, social services but not limited to. I enjoy music, playing piano for 20+ years as an amateur. I also like to sing, arts as well.

我有十多年翻译的工作经历。过去做过移民法庭,地方和刑事法庭的翻译。现在大部分做电话口译员,偶尔也做同传会议翻译。我有美国联邦移民局,国税局和医疗机构的背景调查。也有美国ALTA语言考试认证。我喜欢音乐,唱歌,艺术,文化。会弹琴和其他 乐器。喜欢吃面食。

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