Telephone Interpreting Services – Pros and Cons

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There are many advantages to over the phone interpreting services, yet there are a few disadvantages that should be noted. The pros by all means outweigh the cons, but here is a list of them to keep in mind as you decide which services are appropriate for your interpretation needs.



With the modern advantages of smartphones and reliable mobile and internet service, communication is easier than ever. Need an interpreter on demand? Simply download an app and get started. It’s never been easier and required less effort to have a live, professional interpreter for your business or personal needs. You can be immediately connected with a professional from anywhere in the world, in any time zone, at any time. How cool is that?

Low Cost

Not only super convenient, it’s super budget friendly. When you use a telephone interpreting service, you are only paying for the service for when and how long you use it. If you hire a professional in person, there are always extra and higher costs to consider. With an over the phone service, your costs are cut dramatically.

Ideal for Real-Time Scenarios

Telephone interpreting services are a fantastic solution for immediate, real-time scenarios. Imagine you are on vacation and there is an emergency situation (hospital, environmental, legal); you can get real-time, immediate interpretation aid so that you aren’t lost in the confusion.

Ideal for Small-Scale Projects

For small groups and private meetings, especially in person, a telephone interpreting service is optimal. Hire your interpreter, put them on speaker phone and conduct a meeting with ease.



Tricky with Multiple Parties

While ideal for smaller numbers, larger numbers tend to invite more of a “Tower of Babble” situation. People can overlap each other trying to make themselves heard or understood, which leads to the interpreter becoming confused and lagging in their work in terms of speed and efficiency. Patience on all ends is key, and isn’t something that can necessarily be guaranteed.

Background Noise

It’s not always an option to be in a quiet setting to use a telephone interpretation service. Perhaps you are surrounded by noise or the party you need interpreting services with. This makes it difficult for the professional interpreter to clearly understand and communicate, which could result in a poor interpretation or even the inability to have the service performed.

Interpreters May Vary

If you found an interpreter who works particularly well with your requirements, you might not be able to have their services as often as you want. Sure, you could schedule things with them, but it might not be possible to have your favorite interpreter as often as you need them.


No matter how you look at it, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. However, it’s still good to know all the ins and outs of a service before you hire it, so it is only fair to be honest with the cons. It doesn’t help anyone to hire a service that might not be suitable for your situation, but hopefully this list helps shed some light on the matter so that you can make a choice that’s best for you.


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