Manuel G.

Country: Italy

Manuel G.

I am an Italian native speaker.

I am a freelance translator, interpreter and localizer: I have translated technical manuals and data sheets for an international company in Switzerland for 2 years, and several articles and blogs for various companies in Italy. I specialise in technology but I have also translated cooking recipes, books and medical documents from English to Italian. In 2012 I translated, revised and formatted a complete website from English to Italian. I have also participated in several localization projects for ps4, pc and mobile games and I am currently working as a freelance Q/A tester on a freelance basis.

I am also an experienced teacher: I have been teaching English and Italian for 5 years, both online and in traditional classrooms. In this fantastic experience, I have learned how to manage different types of students in different age groups, from young high schoolers to adult entrepreneurs. I have now developed a personal way of teaching languages through media exposure and cultural immersion. I believe that listening and talking is really the most effective way to learn.

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