Is phone interpretation the future?

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To start with, when we consider the future of interpretation, it is very easy to conclude on the fact that it keeps evolving with time. One time it was with individual service provision without any regulation whatsoever. It began with an easy solution, which was that it was only one language that was interpreted. Then it evolved further and caused a need for regulatory management to guard the access between customers and service providers at that time. Hence, looking at the previous and current experience, we can safely say that the future of interpretation still remains in an ever-increasing evolution.

Now the main question is, how will this evolution play out. Is tele-interpretation the future of interpretation? Will the tele-interpretation take over the in-person or escort interpretation?

We cannot hastily provide a valid and reliable answer to these questions. We have already experienced the impact it had, and it is still having. Every individual, service provider, company, and even business owner seems to all be moving towards tele-interpretation. 

Why is that, you might ask? 

  • Well, one primary reason is due to its cost-efficient nature. This interpretation is truly a gamechanger as it does not require traveling, pre-arranging weeks before, or even signing a service provision agreement to get started.
  • The budget is, in fact, lesser. You can now make an advance payment to most tele-interpretation agencies worldwide.
  • Another advantage is your payment is directly equivalent to the interpretation time spent (which is measured in the exact second/minute used). This creates a level of transparency between both parties, and ultimately trust is established.
  • Also, confidentiality is preserved. Due to distance and some other factors, many interpreters are not able to physically meet with their clients to offer their services. That’s where tele-interpretation comes in. With tele-interpretation, interpreters are now able to provide their services without any form of barrier whatsoever. Also, for the interpreter, they can accurately organize their schedule and working hours since they will be offering services from the comfort of their homes or offices depending. This has recently been the way many businesses and companies expand and yield more profits, and with this service, it is considered to be a massive booster for success in this type of business.

The future of interpreting

The future of telephone interpreting is rapidly growing and becoming essential now more than ever. Several medical facilities, as well as government consulates, also now employ telephone interpretation services for impromptu appointments, especially when unable to access interpreters contacted on short notice. Up to 12 states, even California, now use a telephone interpreting frequently for both medical and court appointments. This service has become a turning point for both sectors.

With people getting so much engaged in several activities, there is a shortage of time to do many activities, predicting a product, service or tool may be difficult. Still talking about AI, mobile apps, and communication services, we are confident that the world is yet to see them in its fullest potential. Telephone interpreting services can now be referred to as the future of multidimensional and multilingual communication. The new world now beckons to brands and agencies that are global, not being limited, and useful to just a country. It would be strange and unreasonable for any agency or enterprise to operate within a region. Hence, telephone interpreting services can be a great advantage to many.

Also, on the time factor, critical situations that will demand immediate solutions may arise at any moment, some of which are medical or legal matters. With the help of telephone interpreting service, problems will seamlessly be solved not just with two or three countries but more also on a global level.

For this reason, telephone interpreting services is providing interpreters for hundreds of languages that the world remains safe, secure, and connected both now and in the future.

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