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Cheryl (Xue Zhang) is a creative ideator, designer and learning experience curator. She draws from a vast collection of diverse interests and interdisciplinary study to find inspiration for her idea designs. She was a member of Entrepreneurial Excellence Program in university and used to be a start-up co-founder. Concentrated on health sector, she cultivated professionalism as consultant in national healthcare programme, management trainee in top hospitals and strategy analyst in medical research foundation. Cheryl’s first question to ask when designing is “How should we build something from 0 to 1? What would we create and provide?”
Cheryl holds an MA in Public Administration from Tsinghua University and a BA in Law, with additional multinational law firm experience in China. She acquires a comprehensive knowledge of China’s Market and is exploring the opportunities in Dubai to create bond and cooperation. She is a lover in travelling, Photography, Jewelry Appreciation, Eyewear collection and is a dedicated, lifelong multiculturalist.

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