Karina S.

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I am a professional English language teacher and translator. I find myself as a very responsible, friendly,open, devoted, creative ,active and hard working person. A team player, who is able to work independently, as well as coping with a task together with colleagues. I love working with the mentioned language. I take my occupation rather as an enjoyment, than an obligation. I see my profession as a chance to make a change in people’s lives, as my way to help the others.

Профессиональный переводчик английского языка. Среди своих личностных качеств выделяю высокую компетентность в сфере переводов, дружелюбность и открытость.Если Вам нужен грамотный профессиональный перевод – я рада предложить Вам свою помощь.

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