How to Translate a Phone Call – 4 Main Options

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It wasn’t too long ago where we would watch sci-fi movies and shows and watch in awe as the futuristic technology would translate the many languages of the universe in real time and think, “Wow – how cool would that be?”

Sci-fi fan or not, this is now an accessible reality in the here and now. Pretty cool, right?

There are four main options to choose from when it comes to translating a phone call in real time.


Ah Google – your one-stop-shop for answers of all kinds also answers translation questions. You might already be familiar with their easy to use, automatic text translation of specific words or phrases, or even whole websites, but you can also use their system for phone calls. You’ll need a Google account and to speak slowly to give it time to work, but hey, it’s FREE!


This is great, especially if you already have a Skype account. Naturally, you need credit to use it to make the call (if it’s to a landline), but it doesn’t cost extra. However, it is limited to about 10 languages and the translation is done by a deep learning system, so, not a human. It’s easy to use and better than nothing!


There are a few apps out there, like Chatlas, where you can get a real-time professional interpreter to help translate your phone calls. Some are more expensive than others, and not all apps are created equally, so shop around to find out which app offers the best personal interpreter services to meet your needs. Also, look for a wide variety of language pairs that are available to you no matter what is your time zone and the person on the other side of your phone call.

It’s also beneficial if you can find an app that is contract-free and still on-demand. Sure, it might sound a bit daunting, but stay strong! This is an excellent option, especially if you’re a professional or stuck in a mess where you could really use a real person with a professional attitude and guaranteed quality.


This is the classic route in terms of a phone call translator – to hire a professional to sit with you or the other party of your call and translate in person. There are some pros and cons to this as you can see in this post, but sometimes it just feels good to see the person translating your words in real time. This is great for business meetings, if you can afford it.

Translating a phone call in real time is no longer a dream of the future, it is a modern reality. These are the four top ways to get the job done, and each have their own pros and cons lists. If it’s personal, maybe one of the first three options are best. If it’s professional, definitely go for a mobile app offering phone call language translation services or an in-person translator.

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