How Best To Prepare For A Successful Telephone Interpreting Service

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International business ventures are quickly gaining favor and ease as our giant world becomes more connected. The internet provides us with the ability to communicate with  people worldwide, especially in tandem with smartphones. A telephone interpreting service is the missing link to real connections with real people everywhere, but there are some things to keep in mind as you prepare to use a telephone interpreting service.

Plan Ahead

There are three parties involved in using a telephone interpreting service – you, the interpreter, and the party you’re communicating with. To have the best results, schedule a meeting and make sure everyone knows to be present and on time for it. Plan for a few extra minutes just to make sure connections are made, in case of weak internet or mobile connections. To have all three parties present and on time makes this communal act of communication go much more smoothly.

Know Your Interpreting Needs

Prepare for your call by knowing exactly which interpreting services are needed, i.e., which languages. Once the languages are settled, it becomes easier to connect with the right interpreter. Perhaps you have multiple language interpretation needs? This naturally becomes a factor in which or how many interpreters you hire for the call. The clearer your needs are, the easier it is to find the right interpretation professional for your needs.

Include and Prep the Interpreter

Your interpreter should have a good idea of the topic of conversation. Share with them the topic and main points of the conversation to be had, so that they can get in the right frame of mind and use the correct vocabulary. This helps their interpretations run more smoothly and efficiently for everyone. If the interpreter understands the topic, they are able to better ask and answer questions, find the right words or phrases and keep a steady pace.

Use a Professional

There is no substitute for a highly trained professional. Professionals are not only highly proficient in their languages, but have studied the nuances, dialects and cultural subtleties that aid in a highly successful telephone interpretation. A professional is able to keep things smooth, efficient, high-quality and easy for all parties involved.

Let these tips guide you in your preparation for a successful telephone interpreting service, so that the language barriers between you and the rest of the world just fade away.

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