Patrick S.
Patrick S.

Paires de langues


I have grown up in a bilingual city (French/German, Biel/Bienne in Switzerland) and have later founded my own multilingual and multicultural (Cameroonian/Swiss and Singaporian/Swiss) families (English, French and German as the languages spoken at home). I have a teachers diploma and a diploma as a psychological counsellor. All my life I have been travelling around the globe and have been working in multilingual environments (private and public sectors). Today I work as a freelance language teacher, interpreter and translator, living my passion. I am most experienced in the fields of education, psychology, migration, music and travelling/geography. But I have also gained some working knowledge in the fields of customer service (telecommunication), retail sales. My mother tongue is German/Swiss german. I translate into French and English and vice versa. Besides that I am also quite fluent in Brazilian/Portuguese, Italian and a bit less in Spanish.

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