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Express Translation Service

Chatlas combines the power of the latest AI translation technology with human translators. This makes is possible to offer you extremely fast text translation services at competitive prices.

Express Translation for Short Texts

Express Translation for Short Texts

Ultra-fast translation

We will translate your text of up to 300 words in less than 30 minutes.

Any device

Access express translation services from any mobile or desktop device.

Latest technology

Chatlas combines the latest AI translation technology with a professional human translator.

Telegram Bot

Send a message to the Chatlas Telegram Bot and receive the translation in minutes.


Why Use the Chatlas Translation Platform?

A professional translator translates an average between 200 and 400 words an hour. With Chatlas technology, which combines AI machine translation with the human translators, this number can be increased up to 800 words. 

Real time tracking

You can see translation progress in the real time.

One click order

The process is as simple as entering your text and clicking the send button.

Qualified translators

More than 500 qualified translators working for you.


Translators do not see any personal information like emails or phone numbers.


More Than 500 Translators Working For You 24/7

We carefully select and test interpreters and translators before they access the system, thus ensuring a high level of service. If you are an interpreter or translator who would like to provide your services on Chatlas, you can sign up to our platform and start providing your services through any modern web browser, iOS or Android smartphone.