Vanessa S.

Country: Italy

Vanessa S.

My name is Vanessa. I lived and studied in Italy up to the age of 18 when I decided to come study in Lyon, France. At that time, I had been studying French for seven years. I believed that going to study in the country where the language is spoken would enable me to acquire new skills, broaden my mind and give me the possibility of personal and cultural enrichment. In other words, it would be a substantive experience that I would never have had should I had stayed in Italy.
For these very same reasons, I then decided to experience an Eramus+ exchange program in Colombia. Thanks to this opportunity, I learned about a different culture, a different history and a different reality. It allowed me to master the Spanish language, while having a wonderful life experience that I will never forget.
I also spent several months in the UK when I worked as a translator and interpreter and I then moved to Spain when I worked as an hotel receptionist.
I then moved to Bulgaria to start a new professional experience and I’ve recently moved to Berlin, Germany.

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