Difficult languages to find an interpreter or translator

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Criteria for knowing if a language is difficult to translate

There are around 7,000 live languages in the world. But not all languages ​​are equally complex when it comes to learning and translating them. In this post, we will talk about the most difficult languages  to translate into the world.

And as we know, a good translation requires an understanding of the lights and shadows of the meaning of each language, its grammatical norms, and how people from one language to another vary their forms of expression according to one culture to another. Likewise, a word can have different meanings and connotations that can lead to a translation if the result is chosen improperly. That is one of the reasons why it is good to have by your side and hire the services of a translation agency.

Mainly the factors that make a language difficult to translate are the following:

  • Unique grammar rules that are entirely different from those used in your native language. Words that in a language have multiple meanings and that do not have a linguistic equivalent in your native language.
  • And of course, how close that language is to your native language. A native Spanish speaker will find it much easier to translate a Portuguese text than, for example, Chinese since Portuguese is very similar to Spanish and has the same origin. The more different the language to be translated from the native language, the more difficult it will be for that person to do a proper translation.

After consulting various sources such as Google Translate, Wikipedia among others, we will share in this blog some of the most spoken languages in the world, and that more regularly reaches our agency by the level of difficulty of translation.

Some curiosities about the most difficult languages ​​to translate

  • The Mandarin.

Mandarin is the language within the Chinese language group and is currently the most spoken language in the world. Getting a native of any country to master this language is a challenging task that can take between 3 years to have a basic level and 20 years to learn the language 100%. It is a tonal language, in which the meaning of a word changes depending on the tone with which it is pronounced. Also, its writing consists of thousands of ideograms, and for a person not to be considered illiterate, they must know at least 3000 ideograms.

  • The Arab

To begin, you must change your mental schemes: it is written from right to left. It is one of the languages that have fewer words that resemble European languages and also has a much lower use of vowels, which makes language reading difficult. As a climax, it has its alphabet!

  • The Japanese

It is extremely difficult, because written language varies significantly from spoken language. Also, Japanese has three different writing systems that must be learned by heart if you want to speak correctly.

  • The Korean

This is one of the languages that does not have any demonstrable genealogical relationship with any other language; it is specifically a unique language. Take, for instance, for an action described in Korean; the subject goes first, then the object comes after, and eventually, the sentence ends with the action. 

Why is it worth ordering the services of Chatlas as your telephone interpreter?

Nowadays, translation services are especially relevant. A lot of people travel and over time they need support in overcoming the language barrier. Such a situation may arise in the following circumstances: receiving a fine in the territory of another state, an offense, signing a contract for the purchase of a vehicle, real estate, marriage, therapy, any other medical services. This is just a small list of events that can lead you to written communication with authorities or residents of another country.

At Chatlas, we provide a full and high-quality translation of text of any level of complexity and topic into different languages. The price is set depending on the chosen language and complexity. Regardless of the level of complexity of the call, you can be sure of the quality of the services received and the accuracy of the translation.

In order to order a translation of the text, contact us in any convenient way. We will provide the necessary advice.

We are able to provide you with a full-fledged translation from different languages.


For all the above languages, every time we receive a commission to translate a text in these languages, we ensure your work is done excellently and professionally well.

Thanks to our complete team of professional telephone interpreters who are all experts in their field, they take it upon themselves to provide top-notch services and help you at all times in your arduous task of translating the most demanding documents into the language you need. 

Do not hesitate to contact us at Chatlas today.

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