Advantages of Telephone Interpreting

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We live in an age in which technology is developing rapidly, and that is characterized by digital connectivity. That is why language service providers can offer more innovative and advanced services to industries such as healthcare, transportation, and education.

Telephone interpreting is just one example of how technology is making rapid progress and therefore offering solutions to critical situations by removing language barriers.

Why is telephone interpreting the first-class solution? 

  • A quick solution

In areas such as emergency services, critical situations cannot be avoided, and they often occur unexpectedly. This means there is not enough time to book an interpreter on-site. Aspects such as time for arrival, availability of the linguist, and local conditions must be taken into account.

Local interpreting is an ideal solution for events such as conferences and meetings where you have enough time to plan.

In emergencies, however, immediate solutions are required. That is why telephone interpreting is the most suitable method for such situations. New technologies, such as mobile apps for telephone interpreting, guarantee swift solutions.

  • Cost-effective

Telephone interpreting not only offers a quick solution, but it is also cost-effective because there are no additional travel costs and, depending on requirements, the accommodation of the interpreter.

Compared to interpreting on-site, the additional costs for this procedure are lower.

  • Easy implementation

Thanks to mobile apps, telephone interpreting has become very easy. In the process, you dial a number and the required language, and then you wait to be connected to an interpreter – a simple and easy method for direct communication.

  • No geographical boundaries

Telephone interpreters can be booked from anywhere at any time. The customer does not have to wait for confirmation that an interpreter is available in the area in question. The advantages of telephone interpreting are that your call is answered immediately and from almost anywhere, because there is currently a larger group of interpreters available.

At Chatlas, we have developed the latest technologies such that provide an efficient 24/7 service that is available when needed and is ideal for emergencies and critical situations such as police operations and language barriers in healthcare. It helps save lives and has proven itself in challenging conditions where immediate access to an interpreter is required. 

Have you ever considered telephone interpreting?

Cost-effective, quick, and easy to organize – telephone interpreting is becoming increasingly popular as an exciting alternative to traditional interpreting.

Perhaps you have hired an interpreter in the past who then traveled to attend the conversation to be translated; with the new types of communication.

However, it is now possible to have an interpreter participate in a meeting or conference call over the phone. Of course, he can, of course, also make a call on your behalf.

Since a telephone interpreter does not have to leave the office to get to the place of use, there are clear cost savings; this pays off in shorter, regular conversations, for example, with foreign customers.

Also, the service offered by Chatlas offers you additional flexibility – we can provide you with an interpreter in any desired language within a short time. Besides, this service is charged per minute – so you only pay for the time used.

One possibility to avoid some misfortunes would be to educate the client on how to work with a telephone interpreter and what this entails. For example, the client should know that he has to respect the turn of speech of both the other participant of the speech and the interpreter. It could also be helpful to use short sentences to facilitate the work of the latter.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that in order to become a good telephone interpreter, several specific characteristics are needed, such as anxiety control, good memory both in the medium and short term, being specialized in the field in which the interpretation takes place and Above all, be empathetic to understand the different parties well.

Whether you need to speak to a customer in France or a supplier in China, the advantages of telephone interpreting for short conversations are apparent. This variant is also efficient for the legal industry if, for example in the event of an accident, it is necessary to receive exact information from a client (ideally in their mother tongue), so that it can be ensured that the process is clearly stated and thus faithfully reproduced can be.

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