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Chatlas is a mobile app that offers instant access to professional interpretation services from anywhere in the world via the Internet or a phone call.

Calling an interpreter

Make calls to your personal interpreter directly from the application or turn on the speakerphone to talk to a person who is next to you.

Conference call with your interpreter

Indicate your conversation partner’s phone number in the app and call around the world having connected with your personal interpreter

Our interpreters work for you

Just open the app


Don’t waste your time searching for an interpreter. Our system instantly processes each request for interpreting.


Our interpreters cannot see the names of conversation partners and never, under any circumstances, disclose any theme or details of conversations that they interpret.


We carefully select and test interpreters before they access the system, thus ensuring a high level of service.


Our advanced network of interpreters can handle requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—without delays and pauses.

Interpreting into many languages of the world

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  • Arabic
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  • English
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  • Italian
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  • Portuguese
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    Calling an interpreter
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    Conference with an interpreter
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